Is LS Training Company an approved provider of Electrical Continuing Education?

Yes. LS Training Company is under contract with Broadcasters Mentoring Group and aligned with the Division of Apprenticeships Standards for license renewal.

How do I earn Continuing Education Credits?

You must register and pay for the course of your choice. The number of hours earned by completing a course will be listed in the course description. Once the course is completed with a passing score, you will receive a printable certificate of completion by email and a hard copy via mail. You must include the certificates of completion with your license renewal.

When can I start the course?

You may begin the course after you have completed the registration form and submitted payment. You will have access to the online classes 24 hours a day 7 days a week from any computer with an internet connection.

I tried to start the course and it froze on the first question?

This is most likely because you need to update your browser. We recommend GOOGLE CHROME. It is FREE to download, it only takes a few minutes and is currently the most popular browser in the world. Visit www.google.com/chrome for simple instructions. There are many benefits to updating your browser. Older browsers especially Internet Explorer 6,7 & 8 are less stable and much more vulnerable to viruses and other security issues. These can create big problems, especially for people who shop online. Older browsers are also slow and more likely to crash or freeze.

Can I use my laptop computer to take the courses?

Yes, you can take our courses from any laptop or desktop computer.

Do I have to stay on the computer the whole time?

No. You may log in and log out as often as you wish. All of your progress will be saved each time that you log out. When you decide to log back in to your coursework, you may go back to your first unanswered question.

Can I check my score to see how I am doing while I am taking the course?

Yes. In the upper right corner of the page below the progress button, you will see your current score and how many questions that you have answered.

When I complete the last question nothing happens. What do I do?

When you complete the last question and it does not go to TEST COMPLETE, it means that you have not answered all of the questions. In the top right hand corner, you will see a progress button. Click on this to see which answers that you have not completed. When all questions are answered, the system will go to TEST COMPLETE.

What is a passing score?

The state of California requires a score of 70% to pass.

What happens if I fail?

If you do not meet the required 70% score, you will see a link that says “Retake Course”. You may take the course as many times as it takes to pass with no additional charge.

When will I get my certificate of completion?

After you have completed and passed the course, the program will automatically generate a printable certificate of completion. If a customer does not have a printer, we will be glad to send the certificates via postal mail. The state of California requires that the licensee submit their own proof of course completion with their license renewal.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds of all or some portion of the purchase price may be available in situations where the student has already started taking the course, but not yet completed it. Please call the office at (402) 616-5027 or (760) 898-5412 for more information if you find yourself in this position. In general, for individuals who have already completed an entire course, refunds will not be available. However, this too may be subject to the details of the situation. If you find yourself in this position, please call the office to inquire.

How may I contact LS Training Company if I have additional questions?

You may contact us by phone Mon-Fri from 9AM-9PM (CT) (402) 616-5027 or (760) 898-5412 or send an email to Lstrainingcompany@gmail.com. You may also like us on Facebook to receive the latest company updates and to post comments or questions.

There are illustrations with each question. Can I make these larger?

Yes, simply place your mouse on the illustration to zoom.

If I skip a question, how can I go back to it?

Click on the MY PROGRESS button in the top right corner of the screen at any time to check which questions have not been answered. The unanswered questions will say VIEW QUESTION. Click on view question and you will be taken to the unanswered questions. You must answer all course questions to receive your final score. If you pass, you will receive a certificate of completion. If you fail, you will be directed to retake the course.

How can I contact LS Training if I have additional questions?

You may contact us by phone Mon-Fri from 9AM-9PM (CT) (402) 616-5027 or (760) 898-5412 or send an email to lstrainingcompany@gmail.com anytime. You may also LIKE us our Facebook page to receive the latest company updates and post comments and questions.