“You are the best system, I will make sure to recommend your services to the Techs that I know. You are the best..¡Gracias!!!”
Tech: J. Sánchez. 

“Great education, I will pass the information on to others in our company.”

“I am a General Superintendent for a large Union Contractor in Southern California that employees over 500 electricians.” Los Angeles Area Superintendent

“This is the first time I’ve taken my courses online it was simple to understand and I was able to get my certificates printed with ease. I’ve been a journeyman inside Wireman, for more than 18 years, I’ve always done my classes with my local union, so I appreciate it I was able to do this online, in the comfort of my home!” Long Beach CA

“The courses were great. Learned some new stuff along the way. All of our Electricians renew their licenses with LS Training. You have a great platform. Please keep it up.” Electrician Pleasanton CA

“Thanks for the follow up. Your course was just what I needed.” Electrician Chula Vista CA

“I did enjoy the courses and I actually learned a few things after being in the trade for 30 years and I have recommended it to many of my associates at the company I work for and I know that 4 or 5 of them are going to be using it here real soon. Thank you, it was really very easy to manipulate and I am not very good at computer stuff. Good job. Thank you.” Electrician San Jose Ca

“Yes, I have recommended this company to many of my coworkers. I did download and send off. Such an easy process, I love it.” Electrician Mission Viejo CA

“I would appreciate it if you mailed me my certificates. Also, I recommend you to all my friends because of ease of use, access and fair price.” Electrician Alameda CA

Great  courses, thank you so much. I was able to download and print them, with no problems. I do have a question. Does Iowa recognize your classes and count the hours. I’ve heard conflicting stories,  so figured I would go right to the source. Thanks again, for your great classes, I’ll definitely be in touch.” Electrician Omaha Nebraska

 “Overall I did “enjoy” the courses as much as I could. They were actually quite informative, and I was able to walk away knowing a good amount as far as code changes and updates go. It completely served its purpose and was an efficient update, and refresher. The pictures attached to the slides were also very helpful.” Electrican Omaha Nebraska

“Courses were good. Everything worked well. I was able to print certificates. 
I have already recommended your site to co-workers. Thanks for your follow up e-mail”  Electrician Fremont Nebraska

“Yes I was able to get them and we love using your system for our needs. Thanks”  Electrician Omaha Nebraska

“I completed my 12 hours requirements using your online courses. The courses are really great. The courses were all very informative, and accommodating with my schedule. I would gladly recommend the online courses to anyone needing their continuing education hours. I will always prefer attending a seminar in person, but the online courses are the next best thing. I have my certificates printed, and waiting for the renewal process to start later this year.” Electrician Wayne NE

“Really enjoyed the course. The education course has helped me to
 know and understand the NEC Code. I will be signing up for more continuing education in the future.”
Electrician Grand Island NE

“Your service was recommended to me by a fellow electrician and it  was everything I hoped it would be; educational and helpful with brushing up. Also learning changes made to the code and important safety reminders that need to be engraved in everyone’s head” Electrician Hayward CA

“Thank you so much for such a remarkable and easy to use educational program. You were extremely helpful and I would definitely recommend LS Training to all my fellow journeyman.”  Electrician Altadena California                                                               

“I have nothing but good things to say. This is the second time I have used LS Training Company for my CEU requirement and both times have been great.
As to whether or not I would recommend your company…I already have. Several times. I am also giving the information to two more guys at work tomorrow.”  Electrician Reseda California

“Thank you very much for the follow up.
I truly enjoyed the classes. Very informative and easy to
Great experience and for sure I’ll be looking at LS Training
for my future courses”  Electrician Petaluma

“Was able to download certificates and print them. Have already started telling my electrician friends how great your site is. Classes were easy, fast and informative. And cheaper than classes at the hall. Enjoyed the whole experience very much. Thank you very much.” Electrician Dublin CA

“Thanks for the reminder. I already performed 16 hours using another provider (I’ll add that it is a provider that I have NO interest in ever using again.) I wish I found your website in the first place 🙁 I will use you in the future and will recommend all of my colleagues who are looking for continuing education to visit your training site! Thank you so much!” Electrician Union City

“I have been a certified general journeyman since 2005. I have renewed my certification 3 times and LS Training Company is by FAR the best. Your training courses are educational, thoroughly organized and very user friendly but the best part is that I can work at my own pace. THANK YOU for making my recertification easy and fun! You’re the best!”  Electrician San Diego

“I have already sent 4 people your way and will continue to tell my co-workers about this online course. I found it to be exactly what I needed as I have an extremely busy lifestyle and have had much difficulty in attending 4 weeks of 2 nights a week classes” Electrician San Jose

“Excellent courses! Thank you,the completion process was easy to follow and the questions comprehensive. For a person with over 30 years of experience, I feel the presentation and the work at your own pace was the perfect
combination.” Electrician San Jose CA

“I’ve already been passing the word and given the fellas the information about LT! Extremely convenient, each course was packed with information (especially the course involving residential wiring and methods) loved how each question would have the specific code section on where the subject could be found. Most electricians are somewhat intimidated when it comes to the code book. I am a commercial/industrial wireman but believe a good foundation to learning the trade comes from understanding means and methods that arise from residential application. I will be renewing my certification through LT again. Thank you. Hope you have a wonderful day” Electrician CA

“Thanks Judith for the excellent, positive, and enjoyable experience with LS Training Company Online!!! I so much appreciate all the help you have given me!!!. I definitely will recommend you to my associates!!! Thanks again!!!”
Electrician CA

“Thanks for everything. I received two snail mail solicitations from you but none from your competitors. Your pricing was the best and importantly it was obvious that you were diligent on my behalf and trying to make the whole process simple for me.” Electrician Santa Monica

“I have already sent many of my fellow electricians in your direction. The courses were educational, formatted well and I really liked the fact that I didn’t have to go and buy a code book. LS Training Company was far better than the Jade Company I used last time and quite a bit cheaper which I also appreciated.
Thank you for offering to help me with the paperwork, I was able to download and print my certificates. Like I said, I have already recommended you to many of my coworkers. I work for Rosendin Electric which is a huge company and I also recommended you to a friend that works for Sprig Electric. I’m sure you will have many more customers as the word spreads of how awesome your website is. Thanks for checking in with me” Electrician CA

“Thank you. Your courses are very good, they covered a lot of things in the different areas of construction that most people don’t get much experience. So very informative.” Electrican Acapo

“The courses were great. Your courses were recommended to me by some of my crew. I will share the same with others in the future. I will recommend LS Training Company to everyone I work with!” Electrician Rancho Cordova

“I loved the courses. They were great. I am going to spread the word. Sends some flyers and some cards . I will leave them at the hall so more brothers can check you out.” Electrician San Jose

” Thank you to both Larry and yourself for providing such a comprehensive and useful course selection. I have used other online CE courses in the past, but yours was by far the best! I learned a lot and passed on the new information to both my employer and apprentice. I will recommend LS Training Co. to everyone” Certified Electrician Prunedale California

“Thank you and Larry for this continuing education course. It is easy to use and it did provide me with useful information” Certified Electrician Shell Beach California

“Thank you so much. The course was easy to use and informative. I will definitely tell my friends about this course.” Certified Electrician San Diego California

“Thanks Judith for your quick response and the course was very helpful. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and co workers. Thanks again!” Certified Electrician Oakland California

” I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the quickness of this training. I have posted your website on our company server/bulletin board for our electricians to receive their 32 hours of required CEC per the state of California. Your prices are extremely reasonable and I will be a return customer 3 years from now. I did learn quite a few things regarding NEC code changes which will help me in the future.” Certified Electrician & Project Manager/ Superintendent Woodland California

” I really liked the course and it was fun taking it. Also very convenient. The last test I took cost over 300.00 and I had to mail it in and wait for the results. I will recommend to all my electrical friends that they take your courses when they need to update their certificates. ” Certified  Electrician Petaluma California

“The classes were great. Easy to read and the questions were pretty straightforward. I had completely forgot about the renewal until I received your flyer in the mail.(yours was the only one by the way) So thank you for the reminder and the means to keep me current so quickly. If you work in the industry your course made it very easy for renewal. Electrician” Certified Electrician Canoga Park California

“I have taken many courses. I must admit, this is one of the very BEST! Very good. GREAT JOB! and thank you…Keep up the GREAT work helping us!!!!!” Certified Electrician Antelope California

“It was a great course with very relevant material. Will definitely recommend to my co-workers” Certified Electrician Morgan Hill California

“The courses were excellent. They made you think and I learned a lot. I am going to recommend your company to my friends.” Thank you! Electrician San Francisco California

“My experience with LS Training Company was excellent! Thank you for making this such an easy task! I will definitely recommend this program to our field staff and associates that are looking to renew any certification.” Electrician Alta Loma California

“I will definitely be recommending your courses to my fellow employees. Thanks again for all of your help and assistance” Electrician Vacaville California

“I like the courses very much. I learned a lot of new changes on the code. Thanks.” Electrician Dixon California

“I am very happy with your classes and further education. I am already informing my coworkers about you and your training availabilities. I am very happy. Thank you again, and for my own good…I am looking into more of your classes, not just what I need to renew my California license. Thanks Again” Electrician Chula Vista California

“Thank you for all your help, especially the friendly reminder. The service that you provide is friendly and very appreciative! Your courses are very easy to navigate through, and at the same time, very informative. Once again, thank you …I will highly recommend you to my friends and coworkers.” Electrican Desert Hotsprings California

“I enjoyed the classes, they were actually fun to take and test my knowledge of the code. I was nervous at first, but quickly settled into it and learned a few things that will help me perform better.”

“Thanks again for your quick response to the issue that I was having. I will actually be looking forward to taking classes again.”

” The courses were actually pretty educational for me and I actually found myself just wanting to continue, even though I had limited time available.
I have informed several other electricians that I work with about your classes. The cost for them is reasonable, information packed, easy to understand and actually apply to work that is being done. My co-workers said that they are going to look into your classes. I made photo copies of the postcard that I received so as to pass your contact information on to them.
Thanks again for the classes and I hope to be able to take my classes again next time using your program.Nebraska Electrician